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Aluminum Casting Company for Aluminum Casting Services in San Leandro, California

Manufacturing Services

Through our company, we provide various manufacturing services for your parts including sand casting, aluminum casting services, molding services, permanent mold castings, small castings, large castings, commercial aluminum castings, aluminum foundries, wood, and plastic moldings. Some of the services that we provide include production and pouring mold castings, as well as repairing or producing new patterns.

Molding Services

Our molding facility has machines such as squeezers, jolt squeezers, and pin lifts that provide floor work for large or one-off parts. Our company also has a permanent mold facility that produces parts up to 30" wide x 35" high x 20" deep.

Company Background

Our company is able to provide service for small and large castings, and we possess expertise in producing high-quality commercial aluminum castings. We are able to machine our aluminum castings faster than ferrous castings, and they are worth considering to save you money on parts.

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About Us

Castco in San Leandro, California, is an aluminum casting company that provides aluminum casting services for your needs. Our family-owned-and-operated company has been in business since 1950, and we are the largest aluminum foundry in North California. We have the ability to complete small castings and clear up to 5,000 pounds.